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4 Rayo in the market Rayo Vallecano 1-1 Sevilla Atlético, Saturday, 14 January 2017 RAYO played their first home game of the new year on Saturday, 14 January, and were ...
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25 Home away, home away There was poetry in the rhythm. Home away, home away, home away. It soothed like the clickety-clack clickety-clack of an old train carriage, or dove ...
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John Toshack arrives at Lime Street Station with his wife Susan and is greeted by Bill Shankly, 11 November 1970. The Second Coming The first signing of the new decade ...
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PART THREE The Club CHAPTER ELEVEN McDons ‘There have been horrible moments. My thirteen-year-old daughter, as she was then, was abused on the telephone at two o’clock in the morning. ...
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Leo Messi: Barcelona vs Getafe, Copa del Rey semi-final, 18 April 2007 ‘Twenty years, ten months and 26 days later, Messi repeats Maradona’s goal,’ reads the headline on the front ...
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Notes 1 The use of such symbols is discussed in Chapter 5. 2 In Eastern Slavonia there is typically more support for Hajduk Split, as a consequence of earlier population ...
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Trans-hemispheric football influences The similarities between Australian Rules and Gaelic football today are well known. Since 1984 an ill-fitting ‘International Rules’ tournament has been played between representative Australian and Irish ...
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The Euros in the new millennium Euro 2000, held jointly by the Netherlands and Belgium, was a huge success, with many high-scoring and dramatic games. The Netherlands was beaten in ...
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1993–present. Today’s emblem is near enough the same as the one from 1945, and differs only in the colour and in leaving out the name of the town. A simple ...
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13 David and Landon It wasn’t complicated. Maybe that’s the main lesson of dealing with these potentially difficult situations: Don’t make them more complicated than they need to be—not in ...
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13 RIDING THE MONSTER It probably summed up our ambitions during the following years in the Premier League that at one stage Douglas Hall took it upon himself to fly ...
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Against this backdrop, it is no surprise that the already cutthroat business of Premier League transfers saw the process of buying and selling players become more furious than ever in ...
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CHAPTER EIGHT THE PRINCE I’ve never been a big one for royal protocol. I’ve had no reason to be, what with me being as common as muck. My brain is ...
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