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10 THE CURE FOR LONELINESS The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved. —Mother Teresa What does your “loneliness” sound like? I know a kind of ...
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epub |eng | 2019-01-08 | Author:Jackson MacKenzie [MacKenzie, Jackson]

Paranoid: This type can be especially difficult, because paranoid types believe everything to be a conspiracy or plot. The paranoid protective self will likely even react that way to reading ...
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epub |eng | 2013-05-20 | Author:Richard Carlson

50. AVOID THE TENDENCY TO PUT A COST ON PERSONAL THINGS One of the stressful habits that many of us get into at work is that we tend to put ...
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THE FAILURE MECHANISM 137 Thinking of yourself in terms of absolutes induces insecurity. The insecure person feels that he should be "good"—period. He should be "successful"—period. He should be "happy," ...
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epub |eng | 2016-01-05 | Author:Jane Mathews

Most of us think, “Once I’ve done this or that, then X or Y will happen.” Meanwhile, your present life is passing you by. If this is where you are—right ...
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Wrap-Up Children with low self-esteem tend to quit easily because they see their struggles as a sign of inadequacy. They get trapped by their negative self-focus, telling themselves, I’m no ...
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8 PERSISTENCE AND DECISIVENESS Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I am Henry Alderburg, the associate director of education of the Napoleon Hill Institute. Mr. Hill has invited me here to meet ...
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The mindful and self-compassionate way to deal with painful feelings is to befriend them. This involves softening into physical or emotional distress instead of tightening up. And it involves being ...
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9. Take a leap of faith to leap out of the Friendzone. As I mentioned earlier, the problem with men who find themselves in the Friendzone is that they are ...
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How to Set Goals I am going to start this section saying something totally crazy, but probably true. You have too many goals. I bet you have goals you want ...
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epub |eng | 2016-12-16 | Author:Jerry Gladstone

Dan Caldwell “PUNKASS,” FOUNDER OF TAPOUT Dan’s Journey: DRIVE-BY SHOOTINGS → NO “PLAN B” → WORLD-RECOGNIZED BRAND One of the common threads in this book is overcoming challenges to trail ...
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Chapter 5 DEAL WITH CONFLICTS AND BOUNDARIES IN YOUR OWN WAY Introverts and highly sensitive people typically do not care to set boundaries or become part of a conflict. Sometimes, ...
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