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Story Line: Someone who faces a great challenge comes close to destruction, rallies, but in the end is overcome. Key Symbols: ON DUTY, ON PATROL: Doing one’s duty, fulfilling one’s ...
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epub |eng | 2018-12-12 | Author:Professor K. McCoy [K. McCoy and Dr Hardwick]

Waste Disposal: a Global Guide The guide to sorting your garbage for recycling in Niihama City in Japan is 21 pages long. In New Zealand the Waste Management Hierarchy policy ...
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WHILE DREAMING ABOUT stressful events can help us process them, replaying traumatic events is counterproductive. In the 1970s, psychologist Joseph De Koninck devised an experiment to see how dreaming about ...
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21st January LIKE FISH IN WATER so are we in Thee… nothing is mine. You have been kind to me, so Bhai Sahib said. And why to me? I will ...
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LAWNMOWER: promote uniformity; one’s moral conscience (to disprove and to contain one’s sensual disposition); harvesting of soul; regular spiritual upkeep and maintenance (through repentance and godly confession); good personal grooming; ...
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* * * Tips from the pros: Getting lucid, with Luigi Sciambarella Be well rested and physically relaxed If you’re sleep deprived, the first thing your brain/body will focus on ...
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My position on this question is the third point of difference between Freud's views and my own. Because of it I am accused of mysticism. I do not, however, hold ...
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CHAPTER 13 Discussion of the Dreams1 of the Renaissance Scholar Girolamo Cardano2 Paper by Dr. E. Levy3 Dreams, by date, in the sequence taught and Cardanus’s age page 1. ca. ...
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Notes 1. [Freud’s ‘Verdichtung’ is usually rendered as ‘condensation’ in English; I have chosen ‘compression’ because, although the process clearly includes condensation (the reduction of a single element), it also ...
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LABEL To dream of reading labels suggests that you have unknowingly let someone see your private affairs and you will suffer from the negligence. To dream you are labeling things ...
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Dream Control Undoubtedly the most famous practitioner of shamanism—or sorcery, as he calls it—is Carlos Castaneda. His Native American teacher, Don Juan, stressed the importance of dream voyages: “Dreams are, ...
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epub |eng | 1991-07-15 | Author:Stephen Laberge & Howard Rheingold [Laberge, Stephen & Rheingold, Howard]

Robert Ornstein and David Sobel recently published a book entitled Healthy Pleasures, which discusses myriad ways that pleasure is good for your health. 3 They claim that our innate desire ...
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