epub |eng | 2018-11-16 | Author:Lora Leigh

( Category: Contemporary November 18,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-11-06 | Author:Christine Feehan [Feehan, Christine]

12 TIMUR woke the moment Ashe moved. He’d had her a dozen times and yet the moment he opened his eyes, even before, when he simply became aware, his body ...
( Category: Fantasy November 16,2018 )
epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Susan Stoker [Stoker, Susan]

Truck watched in frustration as Mary left. She was keeping something from him. Something big. And he hated it. He believed her when she’d said she hadn’t meant to tell ...
( Category: Contemporary November 14,2018 )
epub |eng | 2015-03-11 | Author:S.K. Lessly [Lessly, S.K.]

**** After a long sexing session and a shower, in which I was reminded how strong this man really was, as he kept me tight and up against the wall ...
( Category: Multicultural November 14,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:HUGHES, CHARLOTTE

My hands trembled as I added food to Mike’s dish and gave her fresh water. It irked the hell out of me that Mandy had called me at home. Was ...
( Category: Mystery November 12,2018 )
epub |eng | 2007-07-02 | Author:Siddons, Anne Rivers [Siddons, Anne Rivers]

We did not hear from the Sheehans during that week, and except for a couple of times when Claire Swanson saw Buck drive up to the house during the day ...
( Category: Genre Fiction November 12,2018 )
epub |eng | 1813-01-01 | Author:Austen, Jane [Austen, Jane]

Chapter 11 When they were gone, Elizabeth, as if intending to exasperate herself as much as possible against Mr. Darcy, chose for her employment the examination of all the letters ...
( Category: Regency November 12,2018 )
epub |eng | 1989-01-01 | Author:Burke, James Lee [Burke, James Lee]

CHAPTER 8 The regular baby-sitter wasn't home. I found Tess Regan's number in the telephone book, called her, then took Alafair over to her house. An hour and a half ...
( Category: Mystery November 11,2018 )
epub |eng | 1847-01-01 | Author:Bronte, Emily [Bronte, Emily]

Chapter XVII That Friday made the last of our fine days for a month. In the evening the weather broke: the wind shifted from south to north-east, and brought rain ...
( Category: Classics November 11,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-11-06 | Author:Lisa Renee Jones

( Category: Contemporary November 8,2018 )
epub |eng | 2007-04-30 | Author:Alexandre Dumas

XVI THE PROPOSAL The hurricane ended during the night, and next morning the residents of île de France ventured outside to assess the aftermath. Many of the ships in the ...
( Category: World Literature November 7,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-06-13 | Author:Rochelle Alers

Chapter Eight When Natalia parked in her assigned space and walked around to Main Street, she found a crowd standing three-deep along the parade route. So much for her arriving ...
( Category: Contemporary November 7,2018 )
epub |eng | 2018-06-07 | Author:Ann Mcintosh

CHAPTER TWELVE “PINK EYE?” NYCHELLE plopped down onto her kitchen stool. “MJ has pink eye?” “Can you dig it?” Martin sounded harassed and annoyed. “Woke up with it this morning—on ...
( Category: Genre Fiction November 7,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Donna Grant

Chapter 19 Brice sped down the road on the way to the hospital. As soon as he’d seen Caleb drive up on the ATV, he’d known something had happened. He ...
( Category: Western November 7,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Becca Jameson [Jameson, Becca]

Chapter 10 It was late by the time Michelle got back to her suite. She had grabbed dinner from the cafeteria and returned to the lab to oversee a new ...
( Category: Science Fiction November 7,2018 )

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