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Dr. Coriat also noticed that stuttering patients would sometimes gesture with their hands, something he found “peculiar.” From this he was able to discern that stutterers stuttered because they were ...
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J Jacob (H Ya’akov = ‘Who follows by the heel’): The third Hebrew Patriarch, the son of Isaac, so named because he was born holding on to the heel of ...
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Historic Titles Throughout history there have been many people (normally monarchs or leaders) that have earned nicknames and titles. These can take many forms but the ones we are going ...
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The angel and Karen from Hans Christian Andersen’s rather disturbing The Red Shoes. (Wikimedia Commons.) Fairies in a ring dance, presided over by their sovereigns, who look a bit bored. ...
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THE ELECTRIC CHAIR A convicted murderer spent several years in solitary on death row, bound for the electric chair, until at the last moment his lawyers managed to get his ...
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Perched on its hill above the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer is one of the world’s few remaining inhabited fortress cities. JUST ROOM ENOUGH ISLAND USA St Lawrence River, New York 44° ...
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Gulliver confronts a Yahoo in Jonahan Swift’s classic 1726 novel, Gulliver’s Travels. A particularly interesting account from a few years later is chronicled in Ernest Favenc’s The History of Australian ...
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Edward T. Hinckley, of Wareham, Mass., then mate of the bark Andrews, commanded by James L. Nye, of Sandwich, Mass., sailed some two years and a half since (we find ...
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ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY A BRIEF glance at Ecclesiastical History will furnish one or two interesting matters. Most of the Fathers of the Church both wore and approved of the Beard. Clement, ...
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TL;DR VERSION ►Robert James came up with the idea of the Slinky when a tension spring he was working on fell off his work table and rolled over and over ...
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6 KER-FEAL Ker-Feal Courtesy of the Barnes Foundation Barnes Foundation Many people know about Albert Barnes and the Barnes Foundation’s gallery, with its fabulous artworks displayed in his distinctive style. ...
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BOB DYLAN Chronicles: Volume One, Simon & Schuster, 2004 Interview magazine, June 1978 “OH, I HAVE A VERY STRONG PATERNAL STREAK. I’M A BORN FATHER…I GET SUCH ENJOYMENT OUT OF ...
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DIGITAL STORYBOARD Now that you have all the pieces together, it’s time to create digital storyboards of each scene you’re going to be shooting. What’s a digital storyboard? Almost forgot! ...
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