Ancient Civilizations
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J Jacob (H Ya’akov = ‘Who follows by the heel’): The third Hebrew Patriarch, the son of Isaac, so named because he was born holding on to the heel of ...
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Figure 7.5 The Cirencester Area. It is perhaps meaningless to look for the capitals of post-Roman kingdoms. It is, however, well worth looking at the area five miles west of ...
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146 THE APOSTLE PAUL Portrayal of Paul preaching his gospel, seated by a tower, from which his soon-to-be disciple Thecla listens with rapt attention, from an ivory panel of the ...
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6 IN THE COURT OF KING ATTILA ATTILA LIVES AND BREATHES TODAY BECAUSE OF ONE MAN, a civil servant, scholar and writer: Priscus, the only person to have met Attila ...
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26 Mac sat pensively in the forward section of a modified 737 airplane. Uri was next to him with his back pressed straight against the padded seat and his hands ...
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Chapter 46 * * * Egyptian Desert 1324 BC “Hold!” yelled Horemheb, the low timbre of his powerful voice cutting through the dry desert air. The highly trained Egyptian forces ...
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The community in Jerusalem had every reason to celebrate. Following the destruction of the Temple and the subsequent Jewish diaspora at the time of Hadrian, the city had lost its ...
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Cyrus, a Persian…acquired very many people, very many cities, and very many nations, all obedient to himself…. was willingly obeyed by some, even though they were distant from him by ...
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Lieutenant General Henry Hawley wrote a similar account of the Highlander’s tactics, adding that they normally formed four deep, with their best men in the front rank, but that by ...
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On this evidence, the large-scale abandonment of Aphrodisias in the early seventh century does not seem to represent simply a dramatic change in settlement pattern, in which a constant regional ...
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CHAPTER SIX WARRIORS ‘War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.’ Cormac McCarthy, Blood Meridian The Iron Age in Britain ...
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BOOK IV I. SOCRATES was so useful in all circumstances and in all ways, that any observer gifted with ordinary perception can see that nothing was more useful than the ...
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