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CHAPTER 11 Creating Community “Develop skin as tough as a rhino’s hide. You cannot take anything personally. You cannot bear grudges. You must finish the day’s work when the day’s ...
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When I was invited to be keynote speaker at the annual Channel Country Ladies Day event in Jundah, Queensland, there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity ...
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THE FAILURE MECHANISM 137 Thinking of yourself in terms of absolutes induces insecurity. The insecure person feels that he should be "good"—period. He should be "successful"—period. He should be "happy," ...
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Now, just pause for a moment and think about what you want to create. What does it feel like? How would you feel if that was your reality? Getting very ...
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Chapter 17 For Better or Worse I’d kept busy the days leading up to our anniversary—my regular round-the-clock monitorings, biophysical ultrasounds with Ashley and visits from my friends, my mom ...
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The Blissful Sleep Piece You know what else costs nothing and is about one of the best things for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being? A good night’s sleep. It’s ...
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With all the conflicting information on what you should and shouldn’t be eating, it’s difficult to get it right. To be clear, I’m not suggesting there’s a 100 percent right ...
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As the Obesity Risks and Related Health Conditions chart suggests, many diseases and conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, disproportionately affect black women because of our higher-than-average ...
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Sugar Babies are born with mature sweet taste buds and so have a natural affinity for sweet foods. If your baby gets used to sugar early on, he’ll not only ...
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* * * Dirty Dozen 1.Strawberries 2.Spinach 3.Nectarines 4.Apples 5.Peaches 6.Pears 7.Cherries 8.Grapes 9.Celery 10.Tomatoes 11.Sweet bell peppers 12.Potatoes Clean Fifteen 1.Sweet corn* 2.Avocados 3.Pineapples 4.Cabbage 5.Onions 6.Frozen sweet peas ...
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Copyright Table of Contents Introduction Why Take the Naturopathic Approach to Fertility? What Causes Infertility? Medications that Hinder Fertility How Your Thoughts & Emotions Impact Fertility Hormonal Imbalances Can Interfere ...
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Night Howls One line, one alone In our New Baby Journal: Our darling, our own, Is completely nocturnal! - Maureen Cannon, Twelve Days of Breastfeeding! by Kelliann Mendez (breastfeeding peer ...
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