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Establishing and detail shots. When your layout calls for more than one image, consider pairing an establishing shot like the temple view at top with a detail shot like the ...
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At virtually all software companies, projects are developed by an entire team rather than by a single individual. The team typically includes specialists from several key areas, such as game ...
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As a character designer, you never want to hear that question asked about your designs. Why, you ask? Elementary, my dear Watson! If a person has to ask that question ...
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Criticism Every artist should strive to grow and expand their skills and abilities. One way to experience that growth is through critique. The first lesson any production artist must learn ...
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Stretching Python’s Capabilities In This Chapter Understanding how Scikit-learn works with classes Using sparse matrices and the hashing trick Testing performances and memory consumption Saving time with multicore algorithms If ...
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Handling Configuration Parameters Configuration parameters can change the behavior of an application. Securing configuration parameters is an important issue when configuration can change programmatic behaviors. Managing the security of configuration ...
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Listing 27.9: providers using useValue Using Factory Functions for Services Factory pattern is commonly used to abstract the logic of creating an object depending upon certain values in the application, ...
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2.Edit any part of the macro, using some “jiggery pokery.” (Yes, that’s a technical term.) Appending If all you have to do is append some additional commands to the end ...
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Merge Log Another useful tool when resolving merge conflicts is git log. This can help you get context on what may have contributed to the conflicts. Reviewing a little bit ...
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node1:∼ # sbd -d /dev/sdc1 list 0 node2 clear 1 node1 clear 7.Now, it’s time for a first test. Use the following command to effectuate a STONITH operation from the ...
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A namespace This namespace also becomes part of the path to the job. Shared libraries A folder can have its own set of shared libraries just for the projects in ...
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Finally, the custom collector object is instantiated and registered with the default registry, in the same way you would one of the direct instrumentation metrics: c := ConsulCollector{} prometheus.MustRegister(c) Exposition ...
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