History & Culture
mobi |eng | 2011-10-28 | Author:Eden Medina [Medina, Eden]

However, Beer did not have a complete understanding of the Chilean shop floor. This is especially apparent in the December report, where he treats Chilean workers as a homogeneous group. ...
( Category: Computer Science April 25,2018 )
epub |eng | 2012-04-23 | Author:Andrew V. Edwards

Retail Hating Retail Sometime in the mid-1990s, retailers suffered a crisis of confidence that seems quaint in retrospect, considering the fact they ended up fiercely challenged by a robot competitor ...
( Category: Social Sciences April 23,2018 )
epub |eng | 2013-04-08 | Author:Jackie Huba

It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M Just put your paws up ’Cause you were born this way, baby. Fig. 5.1 Little Monsters with paws up at ...
( Category: Arts & Literature April 23,2018 )
mobi |eng | 2011-02-14 | Author:Lawrence Lessig [Lessig, Lawrence]

I’ve surveyed a range of technologies to identify a common form. In each, the individual acts in a context that is technically public. I don’t mean it should be treated ...
( Category: Skills April 17,2018 )
epub |eng | 2013-04-15 | Author:Millard, Christopher

6. Possible Solutions for Cloud Computing Several possible solutions or workarounds may enable cloud computing to be used to store or otherwise process personal data, notwithstanding the data export restriction. ...
( Category: Legal Theory & Systems April 15,2018 )
azw3 |eng | 2017-07-14 | Author:Richard Ozer

Obviously, you can just go and buy your ETH from an exchange if you want large amounts and you want it quickly. Cloud and mining pools will provide lower rewards ...
( Category: Computer Science April 15,2018 )
epub |zho | 2010-10-26 | Author:joseph menn [Menn, Joseph]

To collect the extorted money, the rings went into the forums of CarderPlanet or a similar site aimed at English speakers, Shadowcrew, and advertised for an “executive” to coordinate “drops.” ...
( Category: True Crime April 14,2018 )
epub |eng | 2008-07-15 | Author:Chris DiBona & Mark Stone & Danese Cooper [Chris DiBona]

( Category: Operating Systems April 14,2018 )
azw3 |eng | 2017-09-05 | Author:Artemis Caro

Chapter 7: Consensus Algorithms: Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake A significant part of what drives the real-world implementation of blockchain protocols involves conducting secure transactions, whether they are purely financial transactions as ...
( Category: Security & Encryption April 14,2018 )
epub |eng | 2013-04-13 | Author:Susskind, Richard;

9 Access to Justice and Online Legal Services In 2000, in my book Transforming the Law, I predicted that, within five years, more people in the UK would have access ...
( Category: Legal Education April 13,2018 )
epub |eng | 2015-04-13 | Author:David P. Fidler

Source: Statement by H. E. Dilma Rousseff, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, at the Opening of the General Debate of the 68th Session of the United Nations General ...
( Category: Constitutional Law April 13,2018 )
azw3 |eng | 2017-08-30 | Author:Eliot P. Reznor

Veracity There is no point in collecting and analyzing data if it is not true. Flawed data could result to major problems for business organizations and their consumers. If a ...
( Category: History & Culture April 12,2018 )
mobi |eng | 2017-07-03 | Author:Robin Boast [Boast, Robin]

‘Information’ had been an important problem since the beginning of the twentieth century. With the explosion of communications technologies, the issue of getting the message through had become critical, not ...
( Category: History & Culture April 12,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Kurt W Beyer [SPi]

BETTY SNYDER (HOLBERTON) Other than John Mauchly, Hopper spent most of her time working with Betty Snyder24 during her transition from Harvard to EMCC. Hopper had met Snyder previously at ...
( Category: Specific Groups April 11,2018 )
epub |eng | | Author:Leone Montagnini

This however did not look reasonable to me, because it is exactly under these circumstances of the cumulative use of processes which accomplish very little each time that the standard ...
( Category: Physics April 11,2018 )

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