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From Rock Bottom Sometimes doing whatever it takes to reach your goals means being willing to do a 180 degree with your life. In 2008, I gave a job interview ...
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Special Uses Zoning districts typically permit certain uses as rights and other named uses as special exceptions. If designated a right, you can proceed with your plans. When you comply ...
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HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR TURNKEY PARTNER Choosing an ideal turnkey company is a three-part process. You need to identify good options, put your finalists to the Turnkey Test™, and take ...
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The first rule is to protect you from getting burned on bigger deals. If you have an ARV of $200,000, then your Minimum Profit should be $20,000. Making $20,000 on ...
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Realize You Are Selling a Dream and an Investment The sooner you realize you are selling a dream and an investment, the sooner you will begin to understand and appreciate ...
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FLIP TIP Good enough. When replacing major items such as furnaces, carpet, and roofs, it is not necessary to go with the best quality or grade. Do what is consistent ...
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If there is a house price decline of 30 to 40 ­percent the banks will survive because of the ­beneficence of the ­government and ­Canadian taxpayers. There is one more ...
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Canada: the Dené of the Northwest Territories Canada is the world’s second largest producer of uranium. It has been a major source dating from the Second World War, when the ...
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Figure 8.4 A capital stock adjustment model with shifted long-run equilibrium: the broad view. In Figure 8.5, we examine the adjustment process in greater detail. Explanation of Figure 8.5 As ...
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Dealer Entity Structuring As previously discussed, if you are a real estate dealer, you absolutely do not want to buy and sell in your own name as a sole proprietor. ...
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PANTS ON FIRE When public figures are caught fibbing, savvy PR professionals advise that they come clean as soon as possible. Admitting a lie isn’t easy, but it’s better in ...
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New Homes Pros Customizable: You have a lot more choice. Sometimes you can choose everything down to the kitchen sink. If you’ve always dreamed of marble countertops and hardwood floors, ...
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Here's how I handle those wannabe problem children. Suppose you acknowledge their checks come in their mailbox on the 3rd. You offer a simple solution. Remind them they will get ...
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