Quality Control
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References 1 Vedantam S. Antidepressant makers withhold data on children. Washington Post. 2004 Jan 29. 2 Melander H, Ahlqvist-Rastad J, Meijer G, et al. Evidence b(i)ased medicine – selective reporting ...
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FIGURE 6-17 Knowledge Management LifeCycle NOTE The KM life cycle is repetitive in nature, as are most Process Improvement methods, and is an ongoing activity. Benefits of Knowledge Management Knowledge ...
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FIGURE 8.9 Control chart patterns: freaks. FIGURE 8.10 Control chart patterns: drift. Cycles often occur due to the nature of the process. Common cycles include hour of the day, day ...
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Layer 2. The problem is out of my control Thank goodness this Layer is rare because when it occurs it is very hard to overcome. Layer 2 describes those cases ...
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Distributions When process and population data are fit by assumed distributions, broad predictions can be made with minimal data. Popular statistical distributions include the binomial and Poisson distributions for discrete ...
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