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IR Interest Rate UPV Underlying Property Value LTV Lien To Value ratio Just like investing in defaulted notes, I always start negotiations with the “as is” property value (“UPV”) because ...
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Key Concept #4 Decide Before the Climb If You Are Willing to Follow the Guide Just by the sheer fact that you have worked through this workbook to get to ...
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Construction orders and output Measures: Activity in the construction sector. Significance: Indicator of new investment and future output. Presented as: Value of orders, volume of construction. Focus on: Trends in ...
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Share (stock) options Imagine you own 50 per cent of the shares in X plc. There are 10 million shares in issue. The company has a share option scheme in ...
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» Tech talk how commission-driven salespeople get into your head In Get Wise to Your Advisor Steven Lockshin describes the seduction process: Effective salespeople know that a simple way to ...
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Figure 10.3 Five-year backtest of pullback setup CHAPTER 11 THE BULLISH DIVERGENCE SETUP THE BULLISH DIVERGENCE Market Type: This setup is best used in: • Range-bound markets • Bullish: weakly ...
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Interpreting Bullish Consensus Numbers Most traders seem to employ a fairly simple method of analyzing these weekly numbers. If the numbers are above 75%, the market is considered to be ...
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Financial Highlights, Fiscal Year 2017 A strong 6.5 percent increase in same store sales, combined with a 4.5 percent average ticket increase (both figures the best in years) drove a ...
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Scott himself opens the door. He seems much more relaxed than the last time they met. Smiling at Lenny, he says, "And here is the missing person, come in. I ...
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Compensation If you are interested in involving yourself as an active developer of oil and gas properties, you should note that compensation paid in oil rights potentially can be tax-free. ...
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FIGURE 4.2 The figure is identical to Figure 4.1, apart from between Friday and Monday spot is simulated lower to 1.3600 rather than higher. Her PnL explain is therefore (4.10) ...
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Guaranteed stop loss orders Guaranteed stop loss (GSL) orders allow you to place a stop a certain distance below the current price of the instrument you’re trading. GSLs are not ...
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Well, I think it's safe to say that the addition of SHY trounced VMFXX alone. If we were to sum up the Cash Trigger strategy at this point, it would ...
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