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Look for Low City Vacancies Low vacancy rates in cities can mean that people have to look elsewhere to find rental properties. Some cities these days report 20 applicants for ...
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epub |eng | 2014-11-18 | Author:Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins) [Robbins, Tony]

CHAPTER 4.2 PLAYING TO WIN: THE RISK/GROWTH BUCKET * * * The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car. It’s the one who refuses to lose. —DALE EARNHARDT SR. ...
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epub |eng | 2017-02-28 | Author:Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins) [Robbins, Tony]

CORE PRINCIPLE 4: DIVERSIFICATION The fourth and final principle in the Core Four is perhaps the most obvious and fundamental of all: diversification. In its essence, it’s what almost everyone ...
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Chickens and Cows Make a Farm a Home Right now, I’ve got ten birds. We used to have many more, but they were stolen. So, these ones I just bought ...
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On Hiring Any effort put forth toward establishing company culture is only realized with the right team. As we’ve developed a better understanding of what type of environment we want ...
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Intentions: Write down what you hope to accomplish by bringing these beliefs into your everyday work. How will your days, your weeks, your life change for the better as a ...
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When drastic action is needed, the big solutions may appear obvious—cut expenses, grow margins, reduce staff and inventory, and so on. All well and good. But executing them awkwardly or ...
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INFLUENCE Wielding Effective Tactics for Persuasion People with this competence Are skilled at winning people over Fine-tune presentations to appeal to the listener Use complex strategies like indirect influence to ...
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n+1: So if this is all unrealistic, and the banks have just kind of announced in a vague way that they’ve made money for a couple months, how come this ...
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epub |eng | 2011-03-10 | Author:Dan Ramsey [Ramsey, Dan]

THE VITAL STEPS OF PRE-CALL PLANNING Learn about the prospect Find out all you can about the individual buyers and the companies that they represent – who are they, what ...
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In accounting for a transfer of a financial asset that does not qualify for derecognition, the entity shall not offset the transferred asset and the associated liability. (IAS 32 Para ...
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Digital assets and identity Digital assets are programmable assets that exist in digital format. These assets can have their own value (digital tokens) or could virtually represent existing physical assets ...
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Commit Let’s say you coach young kids on a team in a local sports league. You align with them because you understand a bit about the challenges they are facing ...
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