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2 At the end of these pages, everything seems finalized. The verdict is not only terrible, it is also irrevocable. Even before Rousseau seeks to confirm it by examples or ...
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Chapter 8 Empty Houses and Distressed Neighborhoods: Confronting the Challenge of Place Indian Village is one of Detroit’s few areas that can be considered an elite neighborhood. Magnificent 1920s mansions ...
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Fast Car Words and Music by Tracy Chapman Fight the Good Fight Words and Music by Mike Levine, Gil Moore and Rik Emmett For the Sake of the Call Words ...
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* * * • • • Arthur’s devotion to Piggy’s Smokehouse, a barbecue dive in Midtown St. Louis, rivaled, in sheer religiosity, any time-honored culinary tradition he could think of. ...
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The Moa Hunters Stone and Bones Rock painting of moa, in “The Material Culture of the Moa-Hunters in Murihuku” by David Tevitodale, Journal of the Polynesian Society (1932). THE POLYNESIAN ...
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The New-York Daily Times retorted in a short response entitled “Encouraging”: “The Washington Sentinel has said a witty thing—we were going to quote it, but the joke reaches through a ...
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When I walk into Mallory’s hospital room, she is looking much better. Her eyes are flashing with anger and her color is much better. She is flipping through the television ...
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7 * * * LINK HAD FINISHED EATING his breakfast. Abbie Crunch said, “I wish you’d—” stopped, said, “I—” and never finished what she was going to say. They both ...
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Be sure to visit Victoria’s website The Greatest Gift of All Candace Gold Brittany Sykes waltzed into her older sister Claudia’s room. “How do I look?” She whirled around ...
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epub |eng | 2017-06-01 | Author:Jeanette Winterson

Art and Lies FROM A DISTANCE only the light is visible; a speeding gleaming horizontal angel, trumpet out on a hard bend. The note bells the beauty of the stretching ...
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epub |eng | 2009-06-01 | Author:Henrik Ibsen [Ibsen, Henrik]

OSWALD Yes, I know he was. MRS. ALVING It was like a breezy day only to look at him. And what exuberant strength and vitality there was in him! OSWALD ...
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You learn things about people from touching. And, once again, I’m not referring to sexual things. What you learn is something regarding their ineffable, secret self. Without touching, you can ...
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A dog that’s a dog but doesn’t bark? The lackluster answer to the riddle is fog. And so for her, the dog’s name became Fog. A large white dog that ...
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