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epub |eng | 2019-01-01 | Author:Laura Greenwood [Greenwood, Laura]

Ten "I'll see you later," Issac said as he stood on the threshold of her front door. "You can come in, if you want," she responded, stepping back so he ...
( Category: Mystery March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2018-12-15 | Author:Pritchard, Megs

Chapter One Eight Months Later… Alejandro Martin was sitting in the command center, monitoring the teams out in the field. They were on another urban search and rescue for two ...
( Category: other March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | | Author:North Night (夜北)

Volume 13 Chapter 1249: “Comparing Purple Spirits With Me? (3)” Elder Huang forced himself to maintain a calm and composed front, struggling to convince himself to not take offence with ...
( Category: other March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | | Author:unknow

About Jane Henry USA Today bestselling Author & Amazon Top 100 Author * * * Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. Her books ...
( Category: Biographies & Memoirs March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | | Author:North Night (夜北)

Volume 12 Chapter 1152: “Mob Slap – First Form (1)” The Prosper Country’s Chief Commander almost cracked his head thinking but he could not come up with a plausible reason ...
( Category: other March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-07 | Author:Nikki Ash [Ash, Nikki]

Fourteen Nick As I’m leaving Olivia’s place, my mom calls me. I’ve barely said hello when she starts ripping into me. “Nicholas, you weren’t at the party last night.” Immediately, ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-08 | Author:Betty Shreffler [Shreffler, Betty]

CHAPTER TEN — FIORA Blinking twice, I take a deep breath and focus on my surroundings. Memories flood my mind—flames, falling wood, excruciating pain as I hit the water. I ...
( Category: Romance March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2018-10-11 | Author:Philip Bentall [Bentall, Philip]

Part 4 Chapter 1 From the deck, with the sound of the sea swashing against the bows of the ferry, Findon was just able to discern the ghostly white shapes ...
( Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-18 | Author:Noelle Adams [Adams, Noelle]

( Category: Romantic Comedy March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-11 | Author:Layla Valentine & Holly Rayner [Valentine, Layla]

Chapter 24 Johnny The expression on her face was priceless. “Um, um, no,” Kendra said, her gorgeous green eyes wide with surprise. “Of course not.” “Good!” I said. “Because I’d ...
( Category: Romantic Suspense March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-19 | Author:Grove, Scarlett

Chapter 24 It took several weeks to get the whole gang back together, but when they finally had it organized and arranged, the crew of the House of Flames and ...
( Category: Romance March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-02-16 | Author:Linfield, Emma & Fairy, Cobalt

“Is something wrong?” Sampson asked him. “Yer steward done asked me ‘t find ye, Yer Grace,” he said. “Says he must speak with ye urgently, he does. And ye must ...
( Category: Romance March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-01-26 | Author:James David Victor [Victor, James David]

“Disqualified,” said the severe voice of the Colonel Asquew, looking down at Arlo’s dismayed face, Solomon’s grimace, and Wen’s scowl—if Malady had any expression at all in the solid metal, ...
( Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2015-12-21 | Author:Sam Kates [Kates, Sam]

Chapter Thirteen Nobody moved. Howard stood in front of his stool. Colleen sat on hers. Brianne had turned to look at the doorway through which she had entered only a ...
( Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy March 25,2019 )
epub |eng | 2019-01-06 | Author:Pritchard, Megs

( Category: other March 25,2019 )