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epub, mobi |eng | 2011-04-05 | Author:Tina Fey [Fey, Tina]

Lorne has an indirect and very effective way of dealing with the crazies. It is best described by the old joke that most people know from Annie Hall. A man ...
( Category: Comedy March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | | Author:Elizabeth Peters [Peters, Elizabeth]

I didn’t sleep well that night. I guess Tony didn’t either; he was up early. I had been sort of hanging around. I figured he might need some help, and ...
( Category: Literature & Fiction March 24,2014 )
epub, mobi |eng | 2012-12-21 | Author:Dan Abnett [Abnett, Dan]

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dan Abnett is a multiple New York Times bestselling author and an award-winning comic book writer. He has written over forty novels, including the acclaimed Gaunt’s Ghosts ...
( Category: other March 24,2014 )
mobi | | 2007-02-18 | Author:Jeremy Clarkson

Elk test makes monkeys of us Imagine the horror. You’re a cameraman with the BBC’s natural history department and you’ve been dispatched to Tierra del Fuego in South America where, ...
( Category: Travel March 24,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2013-01-25 | Author:[email protected]

UNCORRECTED E-PROOF—NOT FOR SALE HarperCollins Publishers ..................................................................... SEVENTEEN Several days later, I’m surprised to find Mother up and dressed after my morning’s shopping is done. She’s been on her best ...
( Category: other March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | 2001-09-25 | Author:Vachss, Andrew [Vachss, Andrew]

It's a Hard World I pulled into the parking lot at La Guardia around noon and sat in the car running my fingers over the newly tightened skin on my ...
( Category: Anthologies March 24,2014 )
mobi |eng | | Author:Lawson, Alfred [Lawson, Alfred]

CHAPTER XXIII FIRST VOICE: "This is a most peculiar case of enteric fever, in which the patient baffles all medical aid towards a cure. The fellow has been out of ...
( Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy March 24,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2009-12-10 | Author:Dallas McCord Reynolds

* * * End of Project Gutenberg's Border, Breed Nor Birth, by Dallas McCord Reynolds *** END OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK BORDER, BREED NOR BIRTH *** ***** This file ...
( Category: other March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | 0101-01-01 | Author:Pratchett, Terry [Pratchett, Terry]

"And what was it about?" said the Dean. "Oh, I don't think it was for reading. It was for having written," said the Archchancel or. "Anyway, no one knows what ...
( Category: other March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | 0100-12-31 | Author:Wilson, F Paul [Wilson, F Paul]

Carole didn’t know what time the power went out. She had no idea how long she’d been kneeling beside her bed, alternately sobbing and praying, when she glanced at the ...
( Category: other March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | 1911-03-02 | Author://

( Category: other March 24,2014 )
epub |eng | | Author:Wei Zhi

( Category: other March 24,2014 )
mobi |eng | 2013-08-31 | Author:Jane O'Reilly

Chapter Nine Why were the doors opening? What the hell was going on? Nic couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything except listen, her hearing super-tuned by panic. And then ...
( Category: Romance March 24,2014 )
mobi | | 2010-01-29 | Author:Bernard Cornwell

( Category: Literature & Fiction March 24,2014 )
mobi |eng | 1998-07-29 | Author:Bernard Cornwell

CHAPTER 7 'Sharpe! Sharpe!' It was Colonel Gudin who, at nightfall, burst'into the barracks room. 'Come, quick! As you are, hurry!' 'What about me, sir?' Lawford asked. The Lieutenant had ...
( Category: Historical March 24,2014 )

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