Black Mass of Brother Springer by Willeford Charles

Black Mass of Brother Springer by Willeford Charles

Author:Willeford, Charles [Willeford, Charles]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 1958-06-18T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter Nine

The next morning at seven-thirty, tired and sleepy after a long session with my fellow ministers of the League For Love, talking, talking, talking, I waited patiently at a city bus stop at the corner of Lee and Broadway in downtown Jax. This was the point where we were to meet and while I waited for the other ministers I talked to the combination reporter-photographer assigned to the story by the Jax Daily Advertiser.

"How come you want to get mixed up with all these niggers, Reverend? I'm really interested, because I can't see it." A Speed Graflex dangling from this right hand, a cigarette dangling from his lip, and coarse straw-colored hair dangling over his damp forehead, the Advertiser man was working hard to look like a reporter. Both of the patch pockets of his gray Palm Beach jacket were bulging with flashbulbs, and he had loosened his blue-and-red handpainted necktie and the collar of his shirt to create a careless effect. He had only succeeded in looking sloppy. He was about twenty-six or seven and it was quite evident that he had shaved his sharp, inquisitive face that morning with an electric razor. You can always tell.

"Why do you ask—off the record, or for publication?" I countered.

"I was just wondering." He shrugged, a slow, exaggerated gesture; spat the cigarette into the gutter without touching it with his hands. "I'm used to this race business. I'm not from this hick town; I'm from Atlanta. This stuff wouldn't go in Atlanta. We know how to keep niggers in their place up there."

"And what, exactly, is their place?"

"They're black apes, Reverend, That's all. All any of 'em are interested in is a bottle of gin and a place to lay down. They all got one big ambition though, and that's to rape a white woman. That's why you got to keep 'em down. Lazy, good-for-nothing apes! The only thing a nigger really understands is a good swift kick in the ass."

"I don't agree, Mr. Ames."

"You're from the North, that's why." He spat into the street. "I could spot that accent as soon as you started talkin'."

"I don't have an accent."

"That's what I mean. Go ahead, Reverend, get mixed up with these people. Wait till you've lived down here as long as I have. I know 'em. You can't love a nigger. They won't let you. You're white and they're black, and the two colors don't mix. My daddy had a nigger servant for twenty years. Treated him like a king. My daddy thought more of that old nigger than he did of us kids. Well, you may not believe this, but it's true. Daddy had a stroke, paralyzed the whole right side of his body and he couldn't talk. We all thought it was fine that we had old John to look after Daddy and all. He had to be treated like a baby, couldn't do nothin' for himself. Know what that nigger did?"

"How would I know what he did?"

"Daddy was


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