Barefoot in the Sun by Claire Roxanne St

Barefoot in the Sun by Claire Roxanne St

Author:Claire, Roxanne St. [Claire, Roxanne St.]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Romance, Erotica, Fiction, Contemporary Women, Contemporary
ISBN: 9781455508266
Publisher: Forever
Published: 2013-04-29T07:00:00+00:00

Chapter Fourteen

Is there anything as sexy as a woman nursing?”

Lacey rolled her eyes and shifted on her pillow, shooting her husband a look. “Yeah, a woman sleeping.”

“Seriously, Lace, I always thought those amazing breasts of yours were for form, not function.”

She smiled and brushed his hair affectionately, sliding a long strand behind his ears. “You’re such an architect, Clay.”

“And I’m a father.” Pride rolled through every word, and even in the darkened bedroom, Lacey could see the moisture in his eyes.

“A darn good one,” she said.

“That remains to be seen.”

She gently elbowed him and he let himself fall to the pillow. “You’re a great stepfather to Ashley.”

“I try, but…”

“Hey, she’s a sixteen-year-old girl who’s never been easy to raise. She totally loves and trusts you. And…” She leaned over to kiss his cheek. “So do I.”

He looked up, a sly smile on his face as he twirled a lock of her hair. “I miss you, Strawberry.”

“It’s going to be a few more weeks.”

“Oh, hell, I’m not complaining.” He scooched closer to the baby. “Elijah’s worth every sacrifice, personal, physical, financial, professional.”

“That’s why God makes them so cute, so you’ll give up everything else for them.”

“He sure made this one cute.”

“And asleep,” Lacey whispered. “Can you get him into the cradle without waking him?”

“Of course I can. Unplug the little monster and I’ll toss him in.”

She smiled as she eased the baby’s mouth away from her breast and exhaled with relief and exhaustion as Clay took over. Expertly he lifted Elijah, patting his tiny back until he let out a belch.

“That’s my boy.” Clay slid out of bed to lay the child in the cradle a foot away.

Leaving her pajama top open to let her sore, cracked nipples dry, Lacey fought the first wave of sleep that threatened. She wanted five more minutes to talk to Clay. Just five more minutes to kiss and exchange—

Clay stood straight up from the cradle. “What was that?”

“Shhh. That’s the sound of silence. Enjoy it.”

He shook his head, his whole body on alert as he made his way to the closed door.

“Someone’s walking around.”

Lacey sat up. “Do you think Evan woke up?”

A light knock on the door answered that question. “Mrs. Walker? I can’t sleep.”

“Oh, boy,” Clay said.

“Two of them, in fact,” Lacey replied. “Get one asleep, and another wakes up. Let him in, Clay.” Lacey quickly pulled her top closed and adjusted herself, any possibility of sleep nothing but a sweet dream now.

“Hey, bud.” Clay opened the door, crouching down to Evan’s height, giving Lacey’s heart a little tug of appreciation and love. He really was going to be an amazing dad. “You need water? Trip to the boys’ room? Midnight snack?”

“I’m worried about Aunt Pasha.”

Lacey sat up completely. “We all are, honey, but she’s in really good hands. She’s in your dad’s hands, so what could be better?”

“I really want to go home.”

“Home to…” Chicago? The Ritz? Where was home for him?

“That house we moved into. I want to see my dad. And Zoe.


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