Another One by Aleatha Romig

Another One by Aleatha Romig

Author:Aleatha Romig
Language: eng
Format: epub


Monday evening, Stephen and I walk out of Saks and onto busy Fifth Avenue as the traffic picks up its pace. In New York City that means the volume increases as the speed decreases. Across the street, tourists as well as employees buzz in and out of Rockefeller Center. The city is filled with electricity, yet the traffic and iconic buildings are merely blips on my already-full radar. I’m thinking, instead, about the ongoing discussions I’ve been having most of the day up on the tenth floor of this famous store.

According to Vicky and others in our meetings, the sales from the fashion show were even better than the earlier emails indicated. Nevertheless, fashion headlines are still mentioning the change in models. What I’d hoped would go virtually unnoticed is trending with the following hashtags: #mysterymodelmayhemwhoisthatgirl #sakssexysub and #sakssecretmysterymodel.

It wasn’t mayhem. It was orchestrated and constructed. That’s what I spent a better part of today reminding myself—and others.

“Don’t let her get to you,” Stephen says as we take a moment to enjoy the warm breeze.

I don’t want to think about it anymore. I’ve been the good and strong salesperson through it all. Now with just the two of us, the emotion that has been building all day is boiling just below the surface and if I talk about it, I may break down. “I’d say that it’s probably too late for that advice.”

“Nine more days,” Stephen reminds me. “We have nine more working days here before the final decision is set to be made. I say we make the most of it. I say we enjoy the city.”

“I’m sorry…I thought I told you that I have plans for tonight.”

He waves his hand. “Oh, boss lady, you did. And even though I could get my feelings hurt that you’re leaving me again…”

“What if I told you that there’s a very good reason?”

“I’d say that I met him and I know!”

I force a laugh, and then as my mind moves from Saks Fifth Avenue to Trevor, the laughter flows, no longer forced. I shrug. “It’s simple. I find myself famished for Italian pastries.”

“I love that Kimbra remembered that. Personally, I’m a cannoli man myself and when I move into that apartment in the East Village, I plan on indulging.”

I arch my brows.

“Veniero’s are truly the best.” He laughs at himself. “Maybe I should call Kimbra to hang out. She’s hilarious.”

I shake my head as we both slide into the taxi taking us back to the hotel. “I can’t believe she did that at her dinner party. What made it even funnier was that neither Trevor nor Duncan had a clue.”

“Doesn’t your man need to work?”

“He is working today. The engineering firm he works for is here in the city. Yesterday, he said something about following up on some bids for a few new projects and proposing others. I guess it is a merry-go-round of stages when it comes to what he does.” I shrug. “Not a lot different from us.”

“How do you


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