Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk Book 3) by Samuel Gately

Alliance of the Sunken (Spies of Dragon and Chalk Book 3) by Samuel Gately

Author:Samuel Gately [Gately, Samuel]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-11-14T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 19. A Terrible Mistake

Cal woke to the sound of dripping water. The green light near the entryway was brightening. Someone was coming. He turned to wake Nalani quickly, while the sound of the water might interfere with any noise she made, but saw her eyes open in the dim light. They shared a look. Cal tightened his grip on the knife he held in his right hand.

Footsteps came around the short bend and Odell stood in the entry, clearly lit as the light from the lantern tied to his belt and the one on the table merged. He held in his hands an ornately carved weave of coral. He dropped it, indifferent to the sound of heavy pieces breaking on the floor. Then he went straight to the writing desk and sat down, showing no awareness of the intruders hidden under the table deeper in the chamber.

With the light in his eyes, Odell would be nearly blind. The key was a quiet approach and a clean killing strike. Cal slid out from under the table, allowing nothing but the balls of his bare feet and his fingers to touch the ground, his eyes glued to Odell’s back. Once out from under the table, Cal slowly crept his feet closer to his hands until he was able to stand. He straightened, the knife in front of him in case the Sunken turned. Odell was scrawling on a piece of paper, the same size and shape as the message Cal had seen earlier. Cal hesitated. He had many questions for the spy. He’d love a guarantee that they could be alone for a couple hours. But that wasn’t the case. Odell needed to die and Cal needed out from under this fucking Plate. He could wait long enough for Odell to finish the note. He’d try to keep the blood off of it, then read it over the Sunken’s body.

Cal waited in the green light as Odell scrawled in a neat hand on the paper. Both of their heads turned at the sounds of another pulling themselves out of the water at the entrance. Green light from a fresh source filled the entryway. Odell snatched his lantern in one hand, grabbing a long knife with the other. Odell stood and moved away from Cal towards the entryway. Cal stayed frozen just behind the Sunken’s back. If Odell turned his head, Cal would be seen. He swiftly reversed the motions he’d undertaken to get out from under the table quietly. He just managed to get out of the light as the face of another Sunken came into view over Odell’s shoulder. Another second and he would have been spotted. Nalani was waiting for him with a dark look. Cal shrugged. They’d have to wait for another opportunity.

“Garem,” Odell said, a hissing, displeased quality to his voice.

“I come as summoned, Odell.” The other Sunken held a similar lantern, his eyes lowered before Odell.

Odell heightened his shoulders, pushing his darkine out. He pivoted slowly back and forth, some physical display of his dominance.


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