A Match for the Marquess by Lillian Marek

A Match for the Marquess by Lillian Marek

Author:Lillian Marek [Marek, Lillian]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Historical, Regency, Humorous
Publisher: Lillian Marek
Published: 2018-03-18T16:00:00+00:00

They took the trip slowly, stopping for long, leisurely meals at midday, stopping to stroll through a pretty village, stopping to admire a view, and stopping early to spend the night at an inn. Wherever they went, the sight of the crest on the side of the elegant coach drew instant attention. They might have preferred less of it, but they grew increasingly adept at dealing with it. In addition, it would be difficult to truly object to the fact that they were always offered the best meals available, and the best rooms, with the cleanest, largest, softest beds.

Both Philip and Anne enjoyed the nights, which stretched well into the morning to allow some time for sleeping. Philip was happy to confirm that his bride was not at all missish. Instead she was a delighted—and delightful—bed partner, responding with enthusiasm to his caresses. Her own caresses grew less tentative each day, and he found himself longing for the moment when they would be alone in their bedchamber, the moment when she removed her gloves. Then her bare fingers would touch his skin, and he would go up in flames.

Anne felt as if she were wrapped in a cocoon of pleasure. She had never dreamt marriage would be like this, so, so thrilling. Perhaps this was why her parents had been so happy. Every day she longed for the moment when she would be alone with Philip in their bedchamber and she could touch his bare skin. She wondered if he would be shocked if he knew how badly she wanted to tear his clothing off. She was shocked herself. But not at all distressed.

During the days, as they rode in the coach, they talked. For Anne, this too was a revelation. She had not even realized how starved she was for conversation. It was not that she had been silent while living with her aunt and uncle, but she had learned to keep her thoughts to herself. If she wanted something or wanted to avoid something, even something as mundane as an early morning walk in the park, she had to find a way to use trickery and manipulation to achieve it, so that her aunt and particularly her uncle would never know her desires. With the servants, the understanding that passed between them was largely unspoken.

Now she was with someone who actually wanted to know her thoughts, someone who shared his.

It was a revelation.


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