02- Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb

02- Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb

Author:Robin Hobb
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: Magic, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Dragons, Fiction, Science Fiction, Adult, Epic
ISBN: 9780553392920
Publisher: Del Rey
Published: 2015-08-10T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter Twenty

Marking Time

Taking an unSkilled person through a portal can be accomplished, if it is absolutely necessary. But the dangers to both the Skilled escort and those being transported cannot be exaggerated. The focus of the Skilled one must be divided between the destination and those he escorts. Close physical contact can make the transition easier. Simply holding hands may be sufficient for two who know each other well, and is the recommended method.

On very rare occasions, it may be necessary for an escort to take more than one unSkilled person through one of the corridors. The hazard to both Skilled one and those who accompany him will increase with each additional person or creature. An apprentice should never attempt this. A journeyman, no more than two beings, and only in dire circumstance. The limit for a master is not set, but no more than five living beings are advised.


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